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(Reg. Charity, England & Wales, No. 1170368)

Every human being is at some time dissatisfied, bewildered, anxious, angry or grieving – that includes you, of course. These states of mind cannot be eradicated, but they can be understood by you and softened by you. It is possible for you to become wiser, more compassionate and more peaceful in your heart and mind. You just have to know how to do it.

That’s where New Buddha Way comes in. It does not pretend to make things perfect, but just make them better. In New Buddha Way you will find a growing community of like-minded people learning how to look into themselves to understand what it is to be human and at peace.

NBW teaches meditation (mindfulness) and cultivation (bhavana) – not with beliefs, but with practices which gently invite you to change your orientation.

There is no membership, no fees and no imposition – just kindness. What have you got to lose by trying it?

It was founded in 2002 and at present is active mainly in Surrey, UK – particularly in the towns of Guildford and Woking. NBW provides a free, easy-to-understand Introduction Session for beginners and newcomers every few weeks.

We look forward to meeting you!    In the mean time if you have other questions go to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Listen to our talks on our YouTube Channel and visit our Facebook page 

Core Values

New Buddha Way is an independent and participatory lay movement that is inspired by the teachings of the Buddha (Dharma) and endeavours to put into everyday practice the values of non-harm, peace, compassion and wisdom.

It is creative in its engagement with the Buddha’s recorded teachings and does not encourage a doctrinaire or dogmatic, ritualistic or devotional approach.

It emphasizes the Western development of Dharma understanding through active and critical engagement with Western cultural assumptions.

While it has generosity at the heart of its values it does not encourage the popular belief-system known as the ‘merit system’ in which giving is rewarded in a personal after-life.

New Buddha Way recognises the fluid inter-dependence and inter-becoming of all things, and the immediacy of ‘karma’ (moral action).

NBW’s Founder

Ven Seelawimala & Geoff Hunt 2015

New Buddha Way was founded in 2002 by Geoffrey Hunt, Buddhist Chaplain for the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. He has learned directly from a range of meditation practices, including Rinzai Zen, Thai Theravada, Tibetanism, Sufism and Western contemplative traditions before deciding to accept the role of a lay teacher making the Buddha’s teachings accessible to a modern audience. Read Geoff’s article on Why a New Buddha Way.

He was Professor of Ethics at the University of Surrey, UK until May 2008, and then Visiting Professor in Buddhist Ethics at that university, retiring in 2019. He has been a meditation teacher at an Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centre and at a village for the elderly. Previously he was the voluntary chair of the ethics committee of a major hospice for 12 years and chair of a NHS Trust mental health ethics committee. He is an international speaker and writer on the ethics of professionals, organisations and new technologies. He was the founder of ‘Freedom to Care’, a whistle-blower support group, and founder of the International Centre for Nursing Ethics (now International Care Ethics Observatory, I.C.E.).

He is the author of several books on employees speaking up in the public interest (whistle-blowing), and on ethical aspects of health and social care, as well as on the risks of new technologies. He was a Visiting Professor at Kagawa University, Japan in 2001 and regularly attended a Rinzai-shuu temple for instruction during that period. Earlier in his life he taught in Africa (Lesotho and Nigeria) for 12 years.

Board of Trustees

New Buddha Way is run by the Board of Trustees and a group of other volunteers.

Trustees Nov 2019
Caroline Relfe (Trustee), Geoff Hunt (Founder), Lynne NcNeil (Chair),
John Walter, Juilet Kimber (Secretary),
Photo taken November 2019

Geoff Hunt

Lynne NcNeil (Chair)
Juilet Kimber (Secretary)
Jeremy Herridge (Treasurer)
Paul McNeil
Caroline Relfe
Peter Shastri

Associate Trustees
Gordon Davidson

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NBW was founded in 2002, and has grown in people and activities. It was registered as a charity (England & Wales) No. 1170368 in November 2016.

NBW maintains a non-profit stance, with transparency and accountability. It is run entirely by volunteers. Currently there are no employees, no one is paid, and that includes the founder Geoff Hunt. Geoff is also not paid for his role as official Buddhist Chaplain for the University of Surrey since 2002. NBW has its own account and it is a ‘Business’ (rather than ‘Personal’) account with the name ‘New Buddha Way’ with two signatories (From the board of Trustees). The account is open for scrutiny following Board meetings. NBW has a volunteer Treasurer, who was previously an Assistant Bank manager.

Like any sizable voluntary organisation NBW has expenditure to keep up with. For example, it has no premises of its own and has to pay for venues for its activities such as The Maybury Centre (Woking), Brook Hall (Ottershaw), The Spike (Guildford) and Ladywell Retreat Centre (Godalming). It also has to pay for its website, domain name and online applications. Other expenditure includes sundry items such as catering, stationery, occasional travel expenses (e.g. to teach at schools), Dhamma objects (bells, cloth, incense, etc.), and items such as a tea urn, heaters, plastic storage boxes, booklets and leaflets, and vinyl posters.

NBW’s income comprise donations from individuals at meditation sessions, donations from schools for teaching about Buddhism, and some monthly donations from ‘Friends of NBW’.

Privicy policy (watch this space)

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