NBW often receives questions about where it sits within the general field of Buddhism. So for the curious here is a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

Its objective is greater wisdom, compassion and peace for all its participants
Not always, but it very often does. Nothing to lose in trying!
It is independent and not descended from any specific tradition. It emerges from the core teachings of the Buddha.
It is a practice, not a belief system and is non-religious. Whatever your beliefs may be you are welcome at NBW events.
NBW welcomes all people of any religion and of no religion.
It is neither atheistic or theistic, but silent on certain questions.
NBW activities are open to all.
No. You may sit on a chair as most participants do, but cushions are available if you prefer one.
NBW is non-profit, and does not charge for teaching the Dhamma.
The Dhamma is the deeper reality of the human condition and the key to the source of our abiding dissatisfaction.
Yes, it is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in England & Wales, No. 1170368. That doesn’t mean you have to be a member to attend – just come along.
There is no such expectation.
Not true. Great emphasis is put on community and compassion for others.
No. NBW is universal in outlook. It does not accept any special relationship between the Dhamma and a country, nation, ethnic group or race.
NBW does not accept any form of discrimination whatsoever.
NBW does not engage in party politics.The political position of NBW participants as individuals is not the concern of NBW.
NBW does not accept violence or abuse and actively promotes peace and mutual understanding.
NBW teaches the unity and interdependence of all living things and respect for all forms of life.
Many NBW participants are vegetarians, and NBW recommends vegetarianism, but many participants are not vegetarians and there is no pressure to be a vegetarian.
It is grown from core elements of the Buddha’s original teachings, as found in the ancient texts known as The Tipitaka.
In NBW these teachings are brought into a contemporary and everyday context, entirely in plain English, for ordinary people.
NBW teaches awakening, not enlightenment. It supports the slow cultivation (bhavana) of wisdom, compassion and peace.
In some parts of the world Buddhism is dogmatic and ritualistic, but that is not NBW’s style. It is flexible and questioning, and not afraid to let go of literalistic beliefs and dogma.
Popular Buddhism in some countries like Thailand and Sri Lanka does have such a belief system. But NBW does not.
No. It just has well-practised teachers, who are on the same level as everyone else as human beings.
No. It is democratic and participatory – it is led by the Board of Trustees (3 women and 3 men) and other ‘facilitators’ – all are volunteers.
NBW is a charity, with a number of registered trustees including some with accounting competence. For resourcing it depends on the donations of those participants who can afford it. It also has modest charges for services such as teaching at schools, and funerals. NBW has its own bank account, and a Treasurer (who is a trustee).
Of course! Send your question to info@newbuddhaway.org

Comments on the Introductory Session for beginners & Newcomers of 23rd Aug 2015, Guildford, UK.

Angela: I would just like to thank you for the beginners’ class yesterday morning. I found it very informative in a peaceful and friendly setting. I look forward to joining you soon on Sunday mornings.

Katie: I have been meaning to drop you an email all day, and your note has just prompted me to do so. I wanted to say a massive thank you for the session yesterday. I found it really useful and enjoyable … will definitely join you for the 10am session next time I am home. Thank you so much to you and all the volunteers. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful resource right on my doorstep in Guildford.

Tom: First a big thank you to everyone involved for putting on the beginners session, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it very informative about the teachings and ideas behind Buddhism, the purpose of the group and how it runs and I also learned a few things which have already helped me in daily life, all from that first brief session. I am certainly going to endeavour to come back as much as possible..

Liz: I attended the beginners class on Sunday and since then I have felt much calmer, I have been trying to practice mindfulness for the last few years with the stumbling block being meditation so it was very helpful for me to be given the exercises and booklet and also be received in such a positive and calm manner … the course was the perfect balance of interaction and guidance … talking in groups usually troubles me but I was so amazed that I felt comfortable and confident and not judged in any way.

Risa: Thank you for last Sunday’s meeting. I enjoyed the variety of the class and have been practising mindfulness with some success. At least I am more aware of when my mind is wandering! I look forward to next Sunday.

Mark: I have been meditating using the fixed mindfulness (concentration) method everyday for the last few months and have seen real benefit but I still felt alone on the journey and was looking for some guidance. I was also seeking a community of like-minded people to share things with. This is the reason I asked to take part in this session. The class exceeded my expectations and I felt very welcome from the start. The location is great (once you find it ) and the pace of the discussion was nice and steady without heavy detail which might of scared me off! The small exercises worked well and I found the “body scan” technique really highlighted how little attention I normally pay to the tension carried in the shoulders. Geoff explained things in a way that was easy to understand which, for a complete beginner like myself is vitally important. The booklet is great and has already helped me with sitting posture and introduced me to walking mindfulness.

Paul: I really enjoyed it and felt part of something new, exciting … and something that fitted in with the way I think and feel, generally! I was surprised to meet so many nice people there, all with very different reasons to attend the session. I realised after the introduction how quick I am to judge people before I really know much about them. Everyone seemed very nice and like-minded. I learnt a lot from the session and I would like to continue with the classes.

Brendan: Thanks for putting on the beginners class last week, I found the session to be very interesting and extremely stimulating. The facilitators did an excellent job, in particular in seeking comments and thoughts from the group so the whole event was a great mixing pot of ideas … I will certainly be attending some of your community sessions as a result, so see you soon.