Introduction Session

If you would like to attend NBW’s free weekly meditation Sessions in Guildford and Woking you are advised to first take part in our free Introduction Session for beginners and newcomers. This applies equally to those who have never meditated before and those who have done so for years. We have found over the years that this induction makes for a beneficial and efficient experience both for regular participants and the newcomers.

This one and a quarter hour class is free of charge. Demand is high, so for admission you must register by sending an email to and we shall send you an invitation and details.

No prior knowledge is required and there is no need to bring anything.

  • Instruction will be given in mindfulness practice with short exercises.
  • We use no obscure terms or jargon, only plain English language.
  • The class is not ‘religious’
  • The session will allow for open discussion and questions.
  • There will be a short break half-way through. (except for when via Zoom)
  • The class is suitable for all age groups from 11 years of age.
  • Please switch off your mobile on arrival.
  • If you have a disability let us know beforehand, so we can help.
  • The class is completely free, but to help us cover costs donations are always appreciated. Click here to donate.
  • Free parking is available nearby

Next Classes

  • Date, time and place to be confirmed

Email to register

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