Community Sessions

NBW’s weekly meditation meetings are available to anyone who has first attended one of our Introduction Sessions. They are the backbone of our sangha’s practice and consist of a 50-minute sitting and walking meditation, for which chairs, cushions and mats are provided. After meditation there is a short tea break, usually followed by a group discussion based on a Dharma-related text reading. The relevant text is announced each week in advance in the NBW Newsletter. We hope that participants will have been able to read through the week’s passage in advance but everyone is welcome.

10.00 am – 12.00 pm

Sutton Green Village Hall
New Lane
Sutton Green
Surrey GU4 7QF

The hall has ample free parking. Click here for directions.

Please arrive promptly at 10:00 and remember to turn off your mobile phone. If you are unable to stay for the discussion, we anticipate that meditation will be finished by 11.00.

NBW sangha guidelines

We observe the following principles of Right Speech and Right Intention:

— Observing silence and stillness during meditation and related activities
— Speaking, listening and behaving in a respectful, supportive, non-judgemental way
— Speaking in turn through the Chair during group discussions by putting the hands together (Anjali) and waiting to be invited
— Respecting confidentiality
— Respecting others’ right to be heard
— Refraining from speaking or acting in any way which is disruptive, discriminatory or divisive

A PDF booklet containing daily exercises to support your practice is downloadable here.