Community Session

These free weekly drop-in sessions are available to those who have already taken the Introduction Session for beginners and newcomers. No need to register again. They are the weekly backbone of NBW’s meditational practice and consist of guided or silent meditation in sitting and walking mindfulness, followed by Dharma talks or optional participation in our Community learning program. You may sit on chairs or cushions.

* Please Note that due to Coronavirus a Community Sessions is now being held on Sunday Morning online. Sign up to the Newsletter for more information.

  • Sunday 10am-Noon (* Suspended until further notice)
    The Roundhouse (Also known as ‘The Quiet Centre’ and ‘Chaplaincy’), Stag Hill, University of Surrey, Guildford
    Click here for directions, parking next to GSA [No 15 on the map], 10 min walk to the centre [No 10 on the map]. Download Routemap here
  • Wednesday 7:30pm-9:30pm (* Suspended until further notice)
    Joan Robinson Hall, The Maybury Centre, Woking
    Click here for directions

Please arrive early so as not to disturb meditators.

Starting Mindfulness Practice
A free online booklet to get you started with your mindfulness practice
Daily Life Exercises Booklet
A free online booklet containing daily life exercises to accompany the community sessions. Further instructions will be given in the community sessions

Feedback on your experience of following the instructions is welcome at


NBW encourages Right Speech and Conduct, that is:

  • speaking in a respectful, kindly and supportive way
  • respecting confidentiality
  • respecting silence as appropriate during meditation and related activities
  • respecting others’ right to be heard*
  • refraining from speaking or acting in a discriminatory fashion on the basis of for example: gender, race and ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or age
  • behaving in a helpful, kindly and supportive way
  • refraining from behaving in any way which is unnecessarily disruptive or divisive during the meditation session and talks

*Please speak through the chair. If you wish to speak during a discussion session put your hands together (Anjali) and wait for the Chair to indicate that it is your turn.


At the end of most sessions NBW participants chant a simple refrain together. The chant words are an English translation of the ancient Metta Sutta. The chant is found below, both on audio file and in text. The marks above or bellow certain characters indicate whether one goes up or down in tone.If you have questions about this contact us at

Audio file – The Buddha’s Words on Loving-Kindness
Text – The Buddha’s Words on Loving-Kindness


The Sound of the Meditation Bell