NBW’s practices of meditation, ethics and deep understanding are engaged with ordinary lives and the local and global society we live in now. The teachings of the Buddha were socially transformative in his own time: questioning gender roles, class and hierarchy, dogmatic religion and ritual, war and the meaning of work, and the treatment of animals. It can still be transformative at all levels. We can all think and do more about what we are, who we are, what kind of work we do and how it impacts on the lives of humans, animals and plants. These links on ethical living, peace initiatives and social justice reflect this engaged approach.

Ethical Living

Buddhist Global Relief –
For relieving the suffering of the poor and disadvantaged around the world.

Hard Rain Project –
A global project providing educational resources to show what can be done about our self-destructive impact on the environment and climate. Posters, books, song by Bob Dylan, etc.

Friends of the Earth –
Concerned about climate change, toxic chemicals, death of rainforests?

Less harmful detergent. ‘Ecover’ has minimal impact on aquatic life, only natural colouring, and cleans brilliantly!

WWF Toxics Campaign –
Thousands of toxic chemicals everywhere, even in the blood of polar bears. You can stop this.

Surrey Wildlife Trust –
Playing a vital local role in conservation and biodiversity

The Vegetarian Society –
Eating meat brings mass cruelty to animals, damages your own health and is destroying the planet. See the scientific facts. The alternative is to eat nutritious and delicious vegetarian food, and grow vegetables.

Centre for Alternative Technology –
Practical solutions to environmental problems to carry us into the twenty-first century

National Car Share organisation –

Slow food –
Eco-gastronomy – a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet. Slow Food tastes good, produced in a way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health, and is produced by farmers that receive fair compensation for their work.

Slow Cities –
The Cittaslow approach involves living life at a human scale, respecting and supporting the environment and local traditions and preserving them for current and future generations to enjoy. Cittaslow UK is ‘led’ by Ludlow, the first town in the UK to be admitted to the Cittaslow network.

Arrow/Justice not Vengeance –

Campaign Against the Arms Trade –

Scientists for Global Responsibility
(See SGR’s 2005 downloadable report on UK military expenditure).

Oxford Research Group –
Well-research reports on why arms exports are bad for Britain, etc.

OneVoice Movement –
Grassroots, civil society movement that works in parallel within Israel and Palestine, seeking peace.

Social Justice

The World in Action. Peaceful action for economic justice, participatory democracy and disaster relief

Right Livelihood Award –
Celebrates and supports people of vision: who have ideas and apply them in concrete initiatives for the public good

OutReach International –
Human and community development

Environmental Awareness (USA)

Harness the Power of the Sun: The Complete Guide to Using Solar Energy
Composting 101
24 Ways to Make Your Classroom Eco Friendly This Year

Dhamma Meditation Supplies

Windhorse –
Various meditation supplies (cushions, bells, etc.)

YMad-WQ – cushions
Cushions, yoga mats, etc

Blue Banyan –
Cushions, stools, timers etc

Original Texts

The authentic teachings of the historical Buddha, or as near as we can now get to them, are to be found in the ancient Tipitaka (The Pali Canon). It is largely in an English translation (‘The Teachings of the Buddha’) published in several volumes by the non-profit publisher Wisdom Publications. For full details go to:


Online English-Pali-English Dictionary
The Pali Text Society’s Online Pali-English Dictionary


DharmaNet International –