Buddhist Funerals

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NBW provides Buddhist funeral services at crematoria, for Buddhists and non-Buddhists of any nationality.

A crematorium service usually lasts 30 minutes. Our past services have been sensitive and simple and do not conflict with any religious or non-religious beliefs that family and friends may have. Typically, there is a brief meditation period, the use of a large and small bell, some readings in English from classical texts, and appropriate music can be provided. The service is led by NBW founder Geoff Hunt (Buddhist Chaplain at University of Surrey) with an assistant. No priestly attire is used, no chanting and only the English language is spoken by those leading the service. We are flexible — tell us what your wishes are.

There is a charge of 100 pounds (UK) to cover expenses and materials. NBW is a non-profit charity Reg. No 1170368, run entirely by volunteers.

For more information contact us at: info@newbuddhaway.org
It may be more convenient to make contact with us through your Funeral Director.